Taxon name: Szymon Górnicki 
Kingdom: Polish 
Phylum: Guys 
Class: Realists 
Clade: Graduates of Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań – Poland) 
Order: Paleoartists 
Suborder: Paleontologists 
Family: Górnickidae 
Subfamily: Górnickinae 
Tribe; Former members of Students’ Paleontological society AMU

Szymon Górnicki a freelancer palaeoartist and paleontologist from Holocene of Poland. Since I can remember I have been fascinated by dinosaurs. This fascination was my main driving force of life. I started as a child from Kalisz suffering from strong dinomania. You know this motive. I was a child having lots of books, toys and movies with dinosaurs, accosting everyone with this topic. I grew up, I finished the Mikołaj Kopernik High School. I evolved into a geology student of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and a member of Students’ Palaeontological society AMU, where I was engaged in some interesting projects. In 2013 I graduated with a paper on “The morphology of hind limb of an Aetosaur from documentation post “Triassic” in Krasiejów”. 

I try to be a creative individual with an open mind. I have a special passion for the history of palaeontology and palaeoart. I am the author of several articles. A characteristic part of my creative work are satirical palaeontological drawings. Currently, I am involved in paleoartistic projects, writing articles, interviewing and broadly understood paleontological education. I publish my works on this site and on my deviantart profile: www.szymoonio.deviantart.com

Apart from palaeontology and palaeoart I’m interested in special effects in movies and model building.